Joon Dillmann



Born in 1971 in Seoul, South Korea, German citizenship by adoption and living in Spain for more than 36 years, Joon Dillmann obtained his Spanish law degree from the Spanish National University “UNED”. He is an officially registered lawyer at the Bar Association of the Balearic Islands, #6337.

Master degree in Balearic Urbanistic Law from the Spanish University “UIB” in 2018.

His motto: “Quality over Quantity”. Best legal advice is not measured by how many lawyers someone can hire. It is measured by devotion and commitment. That’s why we at do not accept all cases automatically, but we analyze in detail and individually any legal situation to provide our clients the maximum professional advice quality and customer attention they deserve.

Languages: Spanish, German, English, Catalan.

Contact info

  • (+34) 66 400 4000