IUSTITIA abogados offers a corporative library with legal terminology, concepts and real cases that our lawyers and collaborators gather and face in their professional work. In some cases, these libraries are called “wikis”, “encyclopaedia”, “dictionary”, “FAQ”, etc. All real customer names and data have been removed or changed.

Please note, that the library is currently restricted to our lawyers and collaborators. In order to access its contents, authentication is required, that must be requested from our law firm. With the time, as requested by our clients, we will publish articles on different areas of interest in our public blog.

IMPORTANT! Please, note: the information contained in our website, specially in this private library, contains data and resources related to the legislation in SPAIN and is provided for illustrative purposes only. THE INFORMATION OBTAINED HERE SHOULD NOT BE APPLIED AT ANY TIME TO REAL CASES WITHOUT PRIOR CONSULTATION WITH A LAWYER OF IUSTITIA abogados. The visitor and reader exempt the lawyers and collaborators of IUSTITIA abogados from any type of responsibility derived from the information published on this website. The partial or total reproduction of the information contained in this website is forbidden. All rights reserved.