Buying or selling a property in Mallorca

In order to buy or to sell a property in Mallorca we recommend showing/asking for the following documentation:

  • Certificate of occupancy or habitability (“cédula de habitabilidad”). Be sure that the certificate is still valid at the day of purchasing or selling.
  • Municipal Licence for First Occupation (“licencia municipal de primera ocupación”).
  • Municipal building completion certificate (“certificado de final de obra municipal”).
  • Architect’s building completion certificate (“certificado de final de obra del arquitecto”).
  • Municipal certificate of no urban development infringement (“certificado municipal de no infracción urbanística”).
  • Building permits (“licencias de obra”).
  • Architect’s plans, duly certified by the competent authority.
  • Last 2 property tax receipts.
  • Last 3 electricity, water and gas receipts.
  • Updated simple copy issued by the Land Registry (“Registro de la Propiedad”) of each property you are selling/buying: appartment, estate, parking lot, storage room, etc.
  • Mortgage documentation (if any) with indication of the current outstanding repayment amount.
  • Real estate evaluation.
  • Lease or rental contract (if any).
  • Contracts with third parties that affect the property, either as owner or as part of the owner community.
  • Certificate issued and updated by the president/secretary of the owner community (if any) of being up to date with all payments.
  • Estatutos de la comunidad de propietarios (if any).
  • Urban development certificate (“cédula urbanística”).

The information is offered for the purchase or sale of a property located on the island of Mallorca, although in general terms it can be applied to any property located in Spain. However, before starting any transaction, we always recommend to contact a lawyer specialised in urban planning and buying/selling in the area in which the property is located.

Are all these documentation mandatory? In general, YES! But all depends of the situation. We have customers who bought fincas in Sóller even without getting a single public documentation, and they live happily in their fincas for years. So, the final choice is yours. How much risk are you willing to take? The more documentation you have, the better. But if we had to select the most relevant ones, we would definitively go for the first 6, specially in rural/rustic lands.

We are specialised in investigating and verifying the legal status of a rural/rustic property in Baleares.

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your full disposal.

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