Website: Security & Credits


There is no 100% secure online connection or resource on the Internet. In no country, in no place. Internet connection or data will never be 100% secure online. There is always a risk of a security breach. The only solution would be by not using any electronic device at all. And yet, even then you can't be 100% sure that noone is spying on you. So a golden rule of thumb is: use a good common sense (whatever that means)...



Our website security

Our website is constantly evolving with Internet's most modern and secure web technolgy. Currently (as per August 2022), it is built upon a CMS cystem that other big institutions use, precisely due to its prime security measures that makes potential hackers a harder life to get access to our data, such as the Harvard University and the Guggenheim Museum. The road of web development has no ends nor definitive goals. Our main target is being up-to-date with the newest web navigation technology to offer our customers and visitors the best user experience as possible.

When navigating through our website and using its resources, such as the online contact form and our internal wikipedia, rest assured that your data is being protected by different security layers: industry-leading 256-bit-SSL encryption, DDoS Protection and several firewalls offer our website a security comparable to security systems used by big bank systems worldwide. So, if you trust making online payments with your bank, or if you buy/sell products on Internet, we use the same basic technology. In other words: our website is being 24-hours monitored and protected. But remember, even though our website is very secure, there is no website in the digital world that is absolute immune against hacker attacks. If you don't want to send us your sesnitive personal data, then just don't share them on this website.

Credits to our photographers

At IUSTITIA lawyers we would like to give credits where credit is due. Thanks to the following photographers who contributed to our website: