Buying & Selling Property in Mallorca

Buying & Selling Property in Mallorca

Last Update:

21 November 2022

At IUSTITIA abogados we recommend to check in detail the following documents that should not be missing in any purchase or sale of an housing property in Mallorca:

  • Deed of purchase ("escritura pública de compraventa") or owner title: public deed or any document that proves that the seller is the real owner of the property or has the rights to sell it.
  • Certificate of habitability ("cédula de habitabilidad"). This document is becoming more and more important in real estate transfers and its obtaining requires more and more demanding conditions. Don't ignore it. Make sure the certificate is still valid the date you buy or sell the property.
  • Sealed plans by the Architects' Association of the Baelairc Islands ("planos compulsados por el Colegio de Arquitectos de las Illes Balears").
  • Municipal certificate of completion ("certificado municipal de final de obra").
  • Licence of first occupation ("licencia de primera ocupación").
  • Register excerpt of the Land Registry ("nota simple del Registro de la Propiedad"). Make sure its up to date.
  • Certificate of no urban development infringement ("certificado de no infracción urbanística" / "certificado de no incoación de procedimiento por infracción urbanística").
  • Energy certificate ("certificado energético"). Make sure the certificate is still valid.
  • If the property is part of a Community of Owners: certificate from the Community of Owners that they are up to date with payments. ("certificado de la Comunidad de Propietarios de estar al corriente de todos los pagos").
  • IBI receipts: last 3 IBI property tax payment receipts (IBI: Impuesto sobre bienes inmuebles), especially for the current year, if available.
  • Supply receipts: last 3 supply payment receipts of electricity, water and, if applicable, gas.

All these documents are highly recommended for each contract party: as Buyer and Seller. Before signing or agreeing to anything make sure to get at least a copy. The more documents are missing, the more risks you might face in the future. Feel free to contact us before you act. Invest a minimum percentage of the price to gain security and peace of mind.

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