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About our website

About our website

Security measures of this web server.

The security measures of this website, which is currently being hosted under the domains https://iustitia.com and https://dillmann.es, include a range of strategies and techniques aimed at ensuring the security and integrity of visitor data and web applications.

Your data is protected when you are browsing our websites.

Our web server has state-of-the-art security measures that protect your online data around the clock: multi-layered protection, regular pentests, security logs, web application security tools, encryption of data transmission, patch management, verification of all user input, security logging, backups, etc.

In other words: if you use online banking, book your flight tickets via your trusted travel portal or order items via your favourite online order company, then you can trust our web server and its web applications just as easily.

But even if your personal data is transmitted via SSL-encrypted communication, common sense is always required. This also applies to our online form. There is no computer system in the world that is 100% secure, with or without an Internet connection. However, to ensure a high level of online security, we recommend that you take various minimum security measures:

  1. Use a secure browser. Example: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari.
  2. Install security extensions against malware and computer viruses.
  3. Pay attention to secure connections: when navigating the internet, make sure you always see the lock symbol in the address bar of your browser.
  4. Update your software regularly: keep your browser, operating system and security software up to date.
  5. Be careful when downloading: only download files from trusted sources and avoid clicking on suspicious links or attachments in emails.
  6. Use strong passwords and two-factor authentication if available.
  7. Watch out for phishing attacks: be vigilant against fraudulent phone calls, emails and messages. And no, Bill Gates is not giving away his fortune…

If these security measures are too technical for you or if you have little understanding of them, please contact your IT specialist.

A big thank you!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the following artists for the photos/graphics they have created free of charge for the Internet community and which have been used on our websites https://iustitia.com and https://dillmann.es:

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