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Our commitment to our clients is to offer the highest professional standards to your legal needs.

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We have multiple areas of expertise that we can assist you with, specially in civil and commercial law.

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Who We Are

IUSTITIA abogados was originally founded in 1985 in the heart of the Tramontana Mountains, in the idyllic valley of Sóller, Balearic Islands, Spain, under the direction of the Spanish lawyer Don Enrique Martí Fernández and his partner, Joon Dillmann. The office is currently conducted by the lawyers Mr. Joon Dillmann and Ms. Bárbara Martí Mora.

With more than 35 years of experience, this lawyer office aids you to solve your legal needs in Spain, particularly in Mallorca and Baleares. Whether you don’t know how to deal with a legal situation, or simply have a question, we can help you.

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Our Philosophy

Our motto is “Lucky is not the one who can hire 10 lawyers. Lucky is the one who doesn’t need any“.

Unfortunately this is not always the case. Legal situations can suddenly emerge in everyone’s life without any warning. Sometimes Spanish bureaucracy can make things worse to comprehend. And trying to solve a legal issue or paperwork by yourself can be complicated and frustrating.

We are here to help you.


Our commitment to highest professional legal standards for over more than 35 years supports us.


Highest confidentiality rules apply to all matters and information communicated in confidence by the client.

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Any request for an appointment is normally answered within 8 office hours. Any emergency? Feel free to call us.

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Due to confidentiality rules we cannot give phone consultations. Choose a personal appointment or online conference.

Our Practice Areas

HINT! The above mentioned legal practice areas are just an extract from our legal advisory services. Each case is different and requires a detailed individualized analysis. If you are looking for legal advice for a specific issue that is not included above or you just can’t find it or you are not sure in which category your case could be in, please feel free to contact us. We will gladly assist you.

On behalf of our team at we are delighted to welcome you to our online web project.

Over the past 35 years, our office has received countless legal consultations from the most distant points around the globe. From the USA, passing through the European Union reaching the easternmost point of Central Europe.

High quality legal advice in four languages is what has made this law firm the vanguard of legal services in the valley of Sóller and the Balearic Islands. 35 years of professional existence can’t be wrong.

Receive a warm welcome and please, in the pandemic times we live in, take good care.

Best regards.

IUSTITIA abogados.


How We Work

Our Usual Process

FIRST CONTACT. Before we speak about strategies, chances or economical aspects, we need a first eye contact with our clients. Either personally in our office in Sóller or by video conference. This is normally done by 2 lawyers at the same meeting. This way you get the opinion of two professionals at the same time.
EXAMINATION. After our first interview we will ask you to show us all the documentation and evidence that you can provide. That way we can get a better overview and offer an improved assessment of the situation.
STRATEGIC. Once we accept your case, it is time to agree upon our strategy, the chances to get a favorable outcome, the economical aspects and the required legal steps.
CONTROL. En todo momento iremos informando al cliente sobre el estado actual de las actuaciones. El cliente tiene en todo momento la opción de decidir hasta qué punto desea llegar y cuándo desea terminar la relación profesional.

1. First Contact

Call us for an appointment.

2. Examination

Bring all the evidence you might have.

3. Strategy

Based on the information provided, we will prepare our strategy.

4. Control

You have the first and last word.

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